Welcome to GHOST— the world's first members-only, Luxury Fitness Lounge. 
Artfully blending elements of fitness and leisure, GHOST was specifically designed to defy expectations of the conventional gym. Our 6,000 square foot lounge features a curated selection of training equipment, a courtyard café, infrared saunas and a host of luxury amenities. 
An architectural playground of unique structures, for an immersive lifestyle experience. 
Through our in-house machine learning lab, we're leveraging client biometric and musculoskeletal data, along with proprietary algorithms, to develop physiologically optimized programming for our private training clients.
The social and cultural experience comes alive nights and weekends with our community of inspiring, like-minded individuals. Members have exclusive access to a special after-hours menu, entertainment, and an array of curated events.
We offer a limited number of GHOST memberships on an application basis, designed to preserve the intimacy of your experience. Applications are now open, submit your profile for consideration.


291 Metropolitan Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Inquiries: info@ghost.xyz

Careers: careers@ghost.xyz

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